Collaboration: a way of life for the sector

“Rumblings about transformative partnerships in the charitable and nonprofit sector are resonating across the country. These range from organizations more narrowly interested in collaboration as an immediate means of adapting to the current economic upheaval to others that see the current upswing in interest as part of a more general trend toward increased collaboration over the coming decade.

Given the widespread interest in the topic, Imagine Canada’s latest Sector Monitor in­cluded a battery of questions designed to explore the issue of collaboration.  The aim of this exploration was to try to establish some basic benchmarks: how many organizations are collaborating, how common some key forms of collaboration are, and the current scale or intensity of collaboration as measured at the level of the individual organization. This article presents some of our initial findings.”

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10 Highly Successful Social Media Habits for Nonprofits

From Wild Apricot :

“The tools of social media may be, for the most part, free – but there’s a cost attached all the same. The time it takes to manage social media has been a roadblock for many nonprofits. But social media is no longer optional, and nonprofits need to figure out how to use these new communication channels efficiently and effectively.”

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How to Interject in a Meeting

From HBR:

“How many times have you sat through a meeting with something brilliant to say but never knowing quite when to say it? Or realized half way through the meeting that your colleague who spoke up said something completely erroneous? Or worse yet, found yourself nodding and smiling in agreement while wondering what in the world the discussion at hand was actually about?

Speaking up in meetings — to interject, correct someone else, or ask for clarification — can be extremely intimidating. Having a few useful phrases at hand can go a long way towards giving you the confidence and tools you need to be able to interject your thoughts and opinions effectively in group situations and meetings.”

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