Want to broaden your professional network? Join our new LinkedIn Groups

Peel Leadership Centre has created 2 new LinkedIn groups to facilitate networking, resource sharing and discussion opportunities for nonprofit leaders in Peel.

For staff:  Join our Non Profit Professionals – Peel Group

For Board Volunteers: Join our Non Profit Board Volunteers – Peel Group

Sign up, participate and help us build the network by spreading the word to your colleagues and/or fellow board volunteers.

Mental Health in the Workplace: A Perfect Legal Storm

“Calgary, Alberta, September 30 2010 – Financial rewards for damages caused by mental injury at work have increased over the past five years by as much as 700%, according to a report released today by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC).   The report warns that a perfect legal storm is brewing in the area of mental health protection at work, and points to emerging responsibilities for employers to provide a psychologically safe workplace.

This is timely, since October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month and next week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. The Tracking the Perfect Legal Storm (2010) report has been prepared for the MHCC by Dr. Martin Shain (University of Toronto), an academic lawyer and leading expert in workplace mental health issues. It concludes that employers are confronted with a legal duty to maintain not only a physically safe workplace, but also a psychologically safe workplace.”

Click here for release – pdf 2 pages

Social Media and Technology Resources

As a follow up from this morning’s informative workshop delivered by MyCharityConnects in partnership with the Peel Leadership Centre,  we have collected a few additional links and resources which you might find of interest.  Please also use the search button above to find other related posts.

Slides from this morning’s MyCharityConnects workshop in Peel:

Getting Your Board on Board, Social Media Planning, Free webinars from MyCharityConnects

Resources on Social Media Policies:

From Wild Apricot: Creating Social Media Policies for nonprofitsVideo From Artez Interactive: Developing Social Media Policies and Guidelines for your Nonprofit

Resources for developing effective websites:

What makes a good nonprofit websiteNon Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices

Generally other good websites for stuff on technology  for nonprofits:

TechSoup Canada ,BethKanter’s Blog – The Networked Nonprofit, Artez Interactive.

Feel free to add more your own favourtes via comments below.


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