May 4th 2011: Learning and Networking Event for Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs

The Peel Leadership Centre invites you to attend The Chairs Exchange, an interactive evening of learning and networking exclusively for Board Chairs and Vice Chairs of nonprofit organizations in Peel region.

The Chairs Exchange offers current Board Chairs and their successors an opportunity to:

  • Broaden personal and professional networks and connect with other like-minded individuals who contribute to our community through board leadership
  • Learn the basic purpose of the chair role in an organization and at board meetings
  • Learn about the key skills and competencies that go into effective chairing
  • Discuss difficult situations and how to handle them

 Light refreshments will be served from 6 to 6:30 pm.  Workshop from 6:30pm to 8:30pm Cost $35 per person

Limited spaces available so register now!

Please click here for more information and to register

Don’t Be Nice; Be Helpful

From HBR:

“Giving people feedback is an act of trust and confidence. It shows that you believe in their ability to change. That you believe they will use the information to become better. And that you have faith in their potential. It’s also a sign of commitment to the team and to the larger purpose and goals of the organization. Because, ultimately, we’re all responsible for our collective success.”

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Complicated problems need creative solutions

From John C Maxwell “On Leadership”

“To face the greatest challenges of life, we need to cultivate creative thinking. In times of crisis, you need to tap into every good idea you have. Of course, the best time to increase your creativity is before the crisis occurs. This can be done by establishing the discipline of creative thinking. Here are a few ways we can do that:”

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Developing Women Leaders: Five Factors That Matter

From CSR Wire TalkBack:

“There are five universal factors that, no matter where people are, where they are from or what sector they are in, make a real difference in encouraging young women to reach success.

Though they are prone to credit luck for their success, it is mostly hard work and perseverance that brings women to the top of their field, be they artists, scientists, entrepreneurs or academics. These are the women who never settle for the mediocre, are perpetually restless and striving, and who know that real success can only be found by crossing time zones, cultures and cruising through stop signs.

The most successful women in the world have grabbed every opportunity afforded to them and have created opportunities for themselves, harnessing their fears and doubts as rocket fuel instead of rocks in their pockets.

Factors that contribute to the development of the next generation of women leaders can be gleaned from their experiences.”

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Lack of employee engagement major problem

From Canadian HR Reporter:

“Lack of employee engagement is a major issue among Canadian firms, according to a survey by Psychometrics Canada. Sixty-nine per cent of the 368 HR professionals surveyed across the country said employee disengagement is problematic in their organization. Eighty-two per cent said it is very important that their organizations address employee engagement.

“A paycheque is not enough,” said Mark Fitzsimmons, president of Psychometrics Canada. “To keep staff engaged, organizations need to give them the opportunity to use their skills, to be creative and, most of all, to be listened to.”

The vast majority of survey respondents (84 per cent) said senior leaders and managers are primarily responsible for employee engagement.”

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