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The Government of Alberta has a comprehensive list of self-assessment tools. You can assess yourself in various areas and competencies including leadership, communications, team management and impact and influence, your attitudes relating to diversity and relationship building.  A very useful collection of tools to highlight gaps and help you develop your own learning plans.

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New e-learning for nonprofits from United Way Oakville

Supplement workshop learning with e-learning modules from the United Way Oakville:

“Roadmap to Success e-Learning offers a solution for non-profit organizations seeking cost effective and flexible professional development.  From Business Fundamentals to Human Resource Management, staff and volunteers learn the core skills and latest trends to strengthen not only the organization, but the community as a whole. 

Unlike traditional workshops, Roadmap to Success e-Learning is web-based and is accessible at any time and any place – all you need is a computer and access to the Internet.  This approach allows staff and volunteers to work at their own pace.

Each module includes a final multiple choice examination. Upon successful completion of the final exam (achieving a grade of 80% or higher) a printable certificate of successful completion is provided.”

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