Ontario Partnership Project Capacity Building Grants available

“The Partnership Grant Program supports projects of one to three years that are aimed at making a significant impact on Ontario’s not-for-profit sector. The grants are aimed at projects that build capacity in the sector in areas such as communications, coordinated service delivery, volunteer management, training and governance.”

Click here to access more information and application forms

News: Report from The Partnership Project Ontario

Working Hand in Hand With Not-For-Profits

Ontario has released a new strategy to strengthen its partnership with the not-for-profit (NFP) sector, such as charity, sport and community organizations that support over one million jobs and contribute close to $50 billion to the province’s economy.

The Partnership Project report provides a concrete plan on ways the government can be more responsive, supportive and accessible to NFP organizations.

To help guide the strategy, the Partnership Advisory Group is being created and will include leaders from the NFP, public and private sectors. And the Partnership Project Office will also be established to help renew, streamline, and modernize the government’s relationship with community organizations and provide better coordination.   

 NFP organizations are vital to families’ well being and local economies. Modernizing the government’s relationship with this sector is an important part of the Open Ontario plan to create jobs and strengthen our economy”

Access full report here – 44 pages in pdf

The Partnership Project – Ontario

Excerpted from the website: 

“The Partnership Project is a focused, engaging and dynamic conversation designed to strengthen the relationship between the Government of Ontario and the province’s not-for-profit sector. ” 

“We want to hear from as many of the province’s not-for-profit organizations as possible. This site is your main portal to this conversation.

We need your ideas: 

Over the summer and fall of 2010, tell us your ideas, identify the gaps, describe possible solutions. Through surveys and mechanisms that will soon be available on this site, the Partnership Project will seek your input and encourage all organizations to actively participate in the discussion 

  • What can government do to be more responsive to the needs of not-for-profits?
  • What can the government do to better recognize and value the contribution made by our not-for-profit sector to our economy and our communities?
  • What are the stumbling blocks your organization faces when working with the province?
  • What needs to happen if we are to renew, streamline and modernize the relationship between government and not-for-profits in this province?
  • What new ideas, models and innovations can help further strengthen the sector and how can government play a role?”

Click here to access the website and learn more about this initiative. 


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