The Truth About Influence

From Leadership Learning:

“… you have the ability to have influence on a great number of things and people around you. While you don’t have any guarantees that something you do or say will lead to others making different choices or taking different actions, you might be able to. You can’t control others, but you can influence them. And if you want to have the most possible influence, you must realize that it isn’t about you but about helping others choose something new or different.”

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Video: Working Across Differences in Collaborations & Partnerships

In this series from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Center for Health Leadership’s 2011 Annual Leadership Conference, you will learn how to build effective partnerships within communities and health organizations, and across sectors. Ken Hardy, in the keynote address, offers perspective on what it takes to make collaborations work.

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3 incorrect notions about Power

From the Lead Change Group:

“Like love, power is one of those words rarely uttered in the workplace. And, when it is, those conversations happen in whispered tones, usually following a flagrant example of power gone wrong.  A  CEO believing what leadership ethicist Terry Price defines as “something that’s wrong for others but OK for me.”  A newly-promoted manager intoxicated with authority who bosses everyone about.  A quiet someone with a dissenting view who refrains from speaking up, believing they lack sufficient influence to affect outcomes.”

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Respect and Power: Are they mutually exclusive?

From the HBR:

“In management, fairness is a virtue. Numerous academic studies have shown that the most effective leaders are generally those who give employees a voice, treat them with dignity and consistency, and base decisions on accurate and complete information…. We’ve long wondered why managers don’t always behave fairly, because doing so would clearly benefit their organizations: Studies show that the success of change initiatives depends largely on fair implementation. Our research suggests an answer. Managers see respect and power as two mutually exclusive avenues to influence, and many choose the latter.”

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Video Inspiration: Madeleine Albright-On being a woman and a diplomat

From TEDWomen:

“Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright talks bluntly about politics and diplomacy, making the case that women’s issues deserve a place at the center of foreign policy. Far from being a “soft” issue, she says, women’s issues are often the very hardest ones, dealing directly with life and death. A frank and funny Q&A with Pat Mitchell from the Paley Center.”

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Shared Leadership and Ethical Practice

“For something to qualify as ‘leadership’ we must also make judgements about the quality of what happens. It should enrich the lives we all lead. Here we want to highlight two aspects. Leadership must be:

·       Inclusive – we all share in the process.

·       Elevating -  we become wiser and better people by being involved (Heifetz 1993).

We want to include these ethical qualities so that we can make proper judgements about leadership.”

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