How to Lead Yourself When the Boss is Not Around

From Great Leadership:

“Sure, everyone – even entrepreneurs and CEOs answer to someone. However, there are jobs that are so far down the deep end of the empowerment continuum that it feels like you’re on your own with little or no supervision. In many organizations and occupations, “management by walking around” and micromanagement have fell by the wayside, either by design or out of necessity. Organizations are flatter, spans of control have increased, and hundreds of thousands of employees now work from home.
While it might sound like a great deal, working independently offers its own set of challenges. After all, the role of “manager” must have been invented for a reason, right? As much as we like to complain about our managers, some of them – the ones who can actually lead – can be inspiring, motivational, and help us do more than we could have on our own. In the absence of that kind of leadership, it’s up to us to lead ourselves. Here are a few things I’ve learned about self-leadership that might work for you:”

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